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Manufacturers Commercial 


For manufacturers of Packaging and Machinery for the pharmaceutical, dietary - VMS, cosmetic and food industry.

We are your strategic partners in Spain


We are not Ditributors, We are Official Representatives of Manufacturers.

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Following a family tradition, founded by Mr. Iñaki Larrañaga Arrieta in 1954, we have specialized in working directly with manufacturers, acting as their official representatives, in order to offer our Customers the same direct conditions of sales.

We are not Distributiors, We are Official Representatives of Manufactures.

Our business model consists in offering the Customer personalized and simplified attention throughout the developmental process of their projects, as well as having the advantage of proximity, with our location being settled in Spain.

Our high quality products, our Customers and years of experience guarantee our work, values and economic benefits.

Commercial agents registered by the College of Commercial Agents of Barcelona.


Benefits for the Manufacturers

We offer our represented:

  1. Reducing their costs of commercialization.

  2. Having an active representation presence in the Spanish market.

  3. Increasing their sales without effort or investment.

  4. Our method brings the manufacturers higher transparency and knowledge about the Customers and a better control on the market.

  5. We work to attain common objectives.

For more information, please contact us:

Benefits for the Customers

We offer you as Customers:

  1. Reducing the costs of your purcharses.

  2. Benefiting from the direct selling conditions of the manufacturers without any additional cost.

  3. A single contact to solve all the requirements that may appear regarding your Project. 

  4. We will be with you all along the process.

  5. Owing to our experience, we Will offer you the Best Packaging for your products.

For more information, please contact us:

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